Best mobile applications regarding Patras city in Greece. Read more.

The city of Patra in the Peloponnese is inviting locals and also visitors to discover a few of its landmark sites and also lesser-known destinations through a brand-new online platform and also mobile application that uses information in both English and also Greek.

The “Discover Patras” online platform–– offers information on the city’s historical sites, monuments, cultural facilities, courses and also offered wifi hotspots.

An interactive map is also available for visitors that desire to check out the city.

Site visitors can download the “Check out Patras” mobile application on their iphone and also Android gadgets as well as get access to details regarding choose sights (structures, squares etc) by checking their QR code.

The app gives detailed details on 44 places, while more will certainly be added soon.

According to Patra Replacement Mayor Nikos Aspragathos, the new application becomes part of a bigger task labelled “Smart Modern technology Applications, IT and also Communications, for the promotion of thematic tourism”, executed with funds by the Western Greece Regional Operational Program.

” With this digital application, site visitors as well as people of Patra– especially young people– are able to explore the city and get details on its most significant buildings as well as archaeological sites,” he stated throughout a current press event.

Patra Deputy Mayor Nikos Aspragathos with the head of the Municipality’s Design and Research studies division Petros Ganos.

The application also uses info on the city’s leading designers, engineers and also craftsmen.

Via the new application, the Community of Patra aims to advertise its tourist offerings as well as cultural side, assistance local business and also promote local products.

One more app is patras bus which offers info on paths, timetables and picks up urban transport (buses) in Patra. Allows see its Key Features

Bus arrival reminder:

  • Get alert for a bus arrival.

Schedules & Arrivals in real time:

  • Routes. See real-time area of buses.
  • Course arrivals for quits.

Traveling instructions:

  • The PATRA bus application discover the local bus quit and provides actual time information about arrivals as well as bus locations as well as recommends the very best route to your destination.
  • Select departure, destination as well as time of separation or arrival and receive instructions for the optimal route using public transport (bus).

Last but not least an additional application concerning patras is which aid people report any type of trouble in the city. Record concerns
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The application posts concerns anonymously.

There is on the house for utilizing our app (other than any kind of mobile data traffic fees).

By now we have actually evaluated all the applications for Patras (πατρα) however. another essential info concerning a city is its current weather. As difficult as we tried we might not locate a weather application especially for Patras but there are a great deal of web sites and applications that offer patras climate. One can use meteo or windy or accuweather or weatherforecast or wunderground in order to be educated concerning the patras weather condition (καιρος πατρα).